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[audio]BV Podcast 0186 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to show #186! * Greetings! * More Gardening and Mixing * Robomney Care upheld by SCOTUS * Tune 1: Bodies of American Women by Valorie Miller * We're on the way to Mars again with the Curiosity Rover * Tune 2: Ringmaster by The Luftwaffe * Until next time
Keywords: podcast; 186; Gardening; Mixing; Robomney Care; Obama; Romney Obama Care; Supreme Court; SCOTUS; Bodies of American Women; Valorie Miller; Mars; Curiosity; Rover; Ringmaster; The Luftwaffe
Downloads: 150
[audio]BV Podcast 0166 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
To commemorate the 166th meeting of BV we discuss: * News and Notes * Feedback from Grizzly * Tune 1: I Lifted Her Dress Over Her Head and Unscrewed Her Leg by Anterrabae * Obama administration cozies up to the wrong people and repeats Bush mistakes o Obama adds FIFTH RIAA Lawyer to Justice Department o Warrantless Wiretapping o Joe Biden strokes the MPAA * Susan Boyle, SUPERSTAR! * Tune 2: Lucky Dime by Gale Mead
Keywords: News; Notes; Feedback; Grizzly; Grizzly's Growls; I Lifted Her Dress Over Her Head and Unscrewed Her Leg; Anterrabae; Barack Obama; Obama Administration; Bush; RIAA; Lawyer; Warrantless; Wiretapping; Joe Biden; MPAA; Susan Boyle; Superstar; Lucky Dime; Gale Mead
Downloads: 340
[audio]BV Podcast 0182 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Hello, my backside really hurts after sitting down for 182 of these fool things! * Please come to order * Paul was sick, but has a note from Epstein's Mother * All music from Stone Soup is finally mastered! * Rich plays a few highlights from Stone Soup 2011 * Obama, and gay marriage * Tune 1: Old Men from Ljova * France, Greece, austerity, and why it's a load of bunk * The Paul Krugman book I mentioned on the show * Tune 2: Snowflakes by Valorie Miller * Until next time!
Keywords: podcast; 182; Epsteins Mother; Stone Soup; Stone Soup Reunion; highlights; Stone Soup 2011; 2011; POTUS; President Obama; Obama; gay marriage; gay rights; Ljova; Lev Zhurbin; Old Men; France; Greece; austerity; bunk; Paul Krugman; economics; Valorie Miller; snowflakes
Downloads: 206
[audio]BV Podcast 0103 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Show 103 comin' at you like a phaser: * Let's institute the Barry Bonds Mandatory Beaning Rule * Chocolate Flan * Tune 1: Francene by Mark Werchowski * Vin: 2004 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon * The Obaminator * Tune 2: Some Things Never Stop by the Alarmists * On Film: Offside
Keywords: Barry Bonds; Chocolate Flan; Francene; Mark Werchowski; Sebastiani; Cabernet Sauvignon; The Obominator; Barack Obama; Some Things Never Stop; The Alarmists; Offside
Downloads: 309
[audio]BV Podcast 0122 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Here's what we do in show 122: * Hello again * Tune 1: Pretty Good Year by The Loved Ones * Politics - again, can a woman or black man be elected? * Reminder: NEVER HIT PAUSE :) * Tune 2: Thank You Reggae by Jaya the Cat * On Film: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
Keywords: Pretty Good Year; The Loved Ones; Politics; Race; Ethnicity; Barack Obama; Hilary Clinton; Thank You Reggae; Jaya The Cat; Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
Downloads: 315
[audio]BV Podcast 0080 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Show 80 implies: * Leo Lincourt from Neural Gourmet joins us again * Tune 1: Villa Lobos Prelude 2 by William Gangel * The race for the Race - are Hilary or Obama electable? * Tune 2: Blood is Red by Molly Pauken * On Film: Sherry Baby
Keywords: Leo Lincourt; Neural Gourmet; Villa Lobos Prelude 2; William Gangel; Hilary Clinton; Barack Obama; Blood Is Red; Molly Pauken; Sherry Baby
Downloads: 375
[audio]BV Podcast 0157 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Heinz we're not, but 157 shows we got: * Obama image problems o Cartoonists gone amok o Copyright madness * Tune 1: The Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun) by Allan Holdsworth * An Unreasonable Man * Tune 2: Burlington by Simon Fox
Keywords: Barack Obama; Image; Cartoons; Copyrights; The Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun); Allan Holdsworth; An Unreasonable Man; Burlington; Simon Fox
Downloads: 338
[audio]BV Podcast 0184 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Hello! Take me to your 184th leader, and get me a pizza! * We apologize for missing a show and stuff * Mets first no-hitter! * The Wisconsin recall vote * Tune 1: Gone Missing by Matt Schwartzer * Obama, US policy, and drone strikes * See you next time!
Keywords: podcast; 184; pizza; Mets; no-hitter; johann santana; no hitter; Wisconsin; recall; vote; election; Gone Missing; Matt Schwartzer; Obama; US; United States; foreign policy; policy; drone strikes; drones
Downloads: 135
[audio]BV Podcast 0164 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Welcome to the One Six Four: * Tune 1: Little Sharks and Baby Dolphins by Curios (video) * The continuing saga of copyright nonsense and cable provider shenanigans o French Government votes down stoopid law o Should Obama control the internet? o TWC metered billing experiments o Rochester, NY fights back * Tune 2: Shudder by Only in the Mornings * On Film: Revolutionary Road
Keywords: Little Sharks and Baby Dolphins; Curios; Copyright; Nonsense; Copyright Nonsense; French Government; Barack Obama; Internet; TWC; Rochester; NY; Shudder; Only in the Mornings; Revolutionary Road
Downloads: 342
[audio]BV Podcast 0160 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and John Talarico
Score? BV: 160, world: 0 * Misc. incoherent ramblings * Tune 1: Gasoline by Justin Gordon * Decline and Fall of Human Rights o Obama Poster controversy (cont.) o Kindle 2 Authors' Guild Rant, and Amazon backs down (sad) o NZ Copyright Law madness o MarloweDK gets banned from YouTube o Lessig Blog * Tune 2: No Force by Red Planet * On Film: Milk
Keywords: Ramblings; Gasoline; Justin Gordon; Decline; Fall; Human Rights; Obama Poster; Controversy; Kindle; Kindle 2; Amazon; New Zealand; Copyright Law; MarloweDK; Banned; youtube; Lawrence Lessig; No Force; Red Planet; Milk
Downloads: 323
[audio]BV Podcast 0204 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Phew! Welcome to episode number 204. Thank gods that whole election thing is over! The bad news is the primary process for 2016 begins next month. * Paul and I went bar-hopping on election night * We moved out of Daylight Saving Time * Tune 1: Disruptive by Big Green * That whole 2012 election thing * The GOP disconnect, and why they lost * Tune 2: The Loons Are There by Big Green * Rich reveals the theme in our music choices * Check out our T-Shirts! * Until next time
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 204; bar-hopping; election; night; Daylight Saving Time; Disruptive; Big Green; 2012 election; president; Barack Obama; governor; Mitt Romney; GOP; disconnect; The Loons Are There; musis theme; T-Shirts
Downloads: 175
[audio]BV Podcast 0202 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to podcast number 202, where President Obama is seen hanging out with Boss Hogg. * What are we doing on Halloween? * We briefly discuss the final Presidential Debate * We also briefly discuss the Third Party Candidates Debate * Lance Armstrong officially had his titles stripped * Tune 1: Crypto by Keith Spears * Racism * Was Sarah Palin being racist when she accused the president of "shucking and jiving" and is that phrase racist? * The Dukes of Hazzard said it every week * Was it worse ...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 202; Boss Hogg; Halloween; Presidential Debate; Third Party Candidates Debate; Lance Armstrong; titles stripped; Tour de France; Crypto; Keith Spears; Racism; Sarah Palin; President Obama; shucking and jiving; Ann Coulter; retard; Dukes of Hazzard; Cell Phone; Jonathan Coleman
Downloads: 151
[audio]BV Podcast 0208 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Welcome to podcast 208, where we're still trying to figure out that whole 12 Days of Hanukkah, thing. * Obama has another reason not to talk about guns * Paul talks about writer Gene Wolfe * Paul mentions a possible Stargate universe reboot * We address some listener feedback that we got on the voice-mail line * Tune 1: Last Song by Julien Claasen * Apparently you are now allowed to have a job in Michigan * Tune 2: Sky High by Numira * Rich briefly discusses the HBO show Boardwalk Empire * Adios...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 208; 12 Days; Hanukkah; Barack Obama; guns; Oregon; shooting; Gene Wolfe; Stargate; reboot; Last Song; Julien Claasen; Michigan; Right to Work; Orwelle; Orwellian; Sky High; Numira; HBO; Boardwalk Empire
Downloads: 254
[audio]BV Podcast 0215 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Greetings, and welcome to show number 215, the State of the Podcast, Podcast. * Is it weird that show 215 comes out on 2/15? I didn't think so. * Paul can't seem to keep SPICY! under control. WTF? * Paul is giving up Facebook for Lent * Tune 1: Gun Slinger by Daniel Worth * Obama's State of the Union. A big who cares for Rich. * Tune 2: Mouth Full of Marbles by The Donefors * Valentines Day. I call it Thursday * Not if I see you first!
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 215; SPICY!; Skynet; Facebook; Lent; Gun Slinger; Daniel Worth; Barack Obama; State of the Union; Ted Nugent; who cares; Mouth Full of Marbles; The Donefors; Valentines Day; Thursday
Downloads: 278
[audio]BV Podcast 0198 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination, take a look, and you'll see, show number 198. * Hello! * Just where is Glenn Beck? WHO CARES! * Space Shuttle Endeavor has one last flight around the country * We have a very simple solution to cut down on military suicides * Tune 1: I'll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it's Chic by Marian Call * The Invisible Man: How the right has been, and is continuing to talk about the empty chair that they see as President Obama * Tune 2: The...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 19; Glenn Beck; Space Shuttle; Endeavor; NASA; Gabby Giffords; Mark Kelly; military suicides; I'll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it's Chic; Marian Call; The Invisible Man; empty; chair; right; GOP; right wing; President; POTUS; Barack Obama; The Letter; Peter Witte
Downloads: 131
[audio]BV Podcast 0195 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
Hello, and welcome to the 195th meeting of the Anarchist Party's national convention. * Come on in, but please don't talk to my furniture! * CDRs. How long should they last? * Tune 1: Where's My Jetpack by Radio Free Babylon * Republican National Convention Highlights * Tune 2 dis-org by The Fiendz * Democratic National Convention Highlights * And yet another shout-out to our friends at Pencils.com * Until next time
Keywords: BloodyVeg; podcast; 194; furniture; CDR; lifetime; Where's My Jetpack; Radio Free Babylon; Republican National Convention; Republican; National; Convention; Highlights; Clint Eastwood; Surreal; Surrealist; Dada; Dadaism; Mitt Romney; dis-org; The Fiendz; Democratic National Convention Highlights; Democratic; Democrat; National; Convention; Highlights; Bill Clinton; Barack Obama; pencil; pencils; pencils.com
Downloads: 179
[audio]BV Podcast 0212 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
There's a lotta 2's in show number 212, so I guess it will be twice as good as our normal offerings! * Paul had a great day! * Mine started out not nearly as well * Homework: Is The Big Bang Theory offensive to geeks? * Just how big would a Trillion Dollar Coin be? * Tune 1: Strange Christmas by Big Green * No really. Whats up with the gun nuts???? * Here is that Piers Morgan interview with Alex Jones * Tune 2: If You Ever Change Your Mind by Pete Witte * Our changing weather patterns...
Keywords: BloodyVeg; Podcast; 212; Mental Vacation; Homework; Big Bang Theory offensive; geeks; Trillion Dollar Coin be; Strange Christmas; Big Green; gun nuts; Piers Morgan; Alex Jones; gun control; Obama; Biden; NRA; LaPierre; If You Ever Change Your Mind; Pete Witte; weather patterns; weather; climate change; global warming
Downloads: 276
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